Start Your Own Business and Why Not Supply the Government?

Do you know that the every year all levels of government purchase billions of dollars of dollars worth of goods and services from the private sector? Today, there are thousands of firms whose sole purpose is to supply the government. There are hundred of thousands of jobs that indirectly depend on government contracts.

Over the last 2 years, thousands of people have lost their jobs, businesses and livelihoods due to the harsh recession. Many of these people have become so distressed as they have found no other way to earn a decent income to pay their mortgages and bills. Some have gone back to school and retrained themselves and others have become entrepreneurs and found novel ways of earning income.

There are excellent opportunities available to supply the 3 levels of government. And the most interesting fact is that the government is looking for people like you and me to supply it. You can do this from home. All you need is time, a internet connection, very little capital and a determination to succeed!

The government has made it fair and relatively easy to supply it. Gone are the days when you had to bribe an official in a department to get a contract to supply. The whole tendering process has become very transparent so that those unwanted practices do not happen anymore.

If you have the will to succeed and persevere you will ultimately win. This is an important quality to have because you can get all fired up, and then when you start going through the tendering process, you may feel disheartened and inadequate. There has to be systems and checks in place so that unscrupulous individuals don’t end up supplying the wrong items, resulting in the government wasting its resources.

There is a lot of valuable information available on the internet to show you how the process works. Subscribe to the government publications, as most of them are free and will explain in detail the steps and resources required.

Ethics and Fraudulent Behavior in Business and Government

When it comes to fraudulent behavior, the most fraudulent behavior I’ve seen has come from government agencies, and the revolving door. Everything from defense contractors and former military to regulatory agency employees going into private sector as attorneys or on the other side. Let’s talk about some events in the news in past years and cite some examples of fraudulent behavior, sometimes done in search of righting a wrong, even though I think we’ve all heard the saying; “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

Do you remember that HP problem they had where they hired a private investigation firm to track cell phone calls – that is very common still. HP might have had good reason, but they overstepped their bounds, and they paid for it dearly with regards to their brand and reputation. No, it was not as bad as Murdoch’s tabloid, what a horrible mess that was and it took down the paper (so what right, it was only a tabloid). True, but it tarnished his media empire something horribly.

This should remind business people to play it smart and if you need to get information, hire a competent investigation service, but watch them closely. Corporations are sketchy when it comes to such things and are probably not even completely sure of the rules thus, they need to be able to trust the investigation and background firm.

How about a government scandal a mess, remember when the Secret Service got into it with the hookers incident in a Latin American country? Ouch. I wonder if that’s why they hired a new lady to head up the agency, heads had to roll, and things had to blow over and out of the media for a while as they made that transition, talk about a black eye on a normally stellar agency, ouch.

Sometimes companies find serious problems in their ranks, as employees are involved. The drug bust issue is huge, companies want to cooperate but the authorities want to PR their arrests, either way the company loses its branding image. So often we see pharmaceuticals going out the back of medical facilities, managers as drug dealers at franchised and chain store outlets.

One problem now is if you do back ground checks you can often get sued for employment lawsuits. That makes it even more difficult to stay away from lawsuits and regulatory or enforcement problems down the road. Some companies hire an outside firm might get around some of those employment lawsuits. Please consider all this and think on it.

The Law of Cause and Effect – How it Impacts Your Business and Your Life

“All that we are is made up of our thoughts; it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speak or act with a pure thought, happiness will follow him, like a shadow that never leaves him.” — Dhammapada

When starting a business, it is essential that you have a plan carefully thought out, researched, written, studied, analyzed, and fine-tuned before execution, to ensure that you get your business off to a good start and minimize mistakes along the way. As the saying goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

It is to your own advantage that you write the plan yourself no matter how “crude” it may appear to a seasoned business writer. Ask help from professionals but don’t let someone else write the plan for you. You are not writing for the Wall Street Journal, you are writing your formula for success. Basically, your success formula starts with your passion for your “baby,” which a business writer may not share with you. A good business plan is not measured by how well it is written but how feasible it is, to achieve success.

The importance of a plan when going into business, be it “just” a home-based business, cannot be emphasized enough. And don’t let your business plan just sit on the bookshelf gathering dust. Make it your handy reference material, dog-ears on its pages for quick access. Make necessary revisions to stay in step with changing technology and trends as you go along.

But there is something even more important than the business plan that you need to ponder early on — and always keep in mind — if you are really dead serious in your pursuit of success, whether with your planned business or the much bigger business of living your LIFE that was meant for you to enjoy when you were brought forth into this green orb called earth. You see, the Majestic Creator, who filled the earth with abundance did not intend that man should live in misery in the midst of plenty.

First, you have to come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing in Nature that is called blind chance, accident or luck. Everything-yes, everything (tangible or intangible, physical or spiritual)-is governed by definite and active Universal Laws set in motion by the Great Law Giver. You may not agree but what you think — or believe –doesn’t nullify the fact that such laws do exist. Take, for example, the Law of Gravity. If there were no such law, do you think there would exist anything on earth, say, at the equator where it rotates on its axis 1,038 miles per hour? What would happen if the earth suddenly stopped spinning?

It is not the purpose of this article to educate you on all the Universal Laws – there’s just too many of them to even mention here (space would not allow even if I wanted to), but one particular Law that I would like to impart to you knowledge and understanding of is the Law of Cause and Effect, and another law correlated with it, the Law of Financial Success.

The Law is precise: For every Effect there is a Cause, and for every Cause, an Effect.

Here’s how one insightful author put it:

“Under the same conditions, a given Cause will always produce the same effect. This is what we call “Law.” If we could make a close analysis of our lives, we would find that in their detail and entirety, they are the result or product of Law. This must be self-evident to every thinking person for the reason that without a “Cause,” an “Effect” is impossible, and it will also be apparent that if we would control the effect, we must first put the right Cause into action.

“We are so accustomed to accepting thoughts, methods and conditions which have been handed down from our ancestors, or which are the product of social or economic evolution as the only right thing, and binding upon us, and of attributing the various things that come to us as “Chance” or “Happenstance,” that we cannot at first realize the immensity of the fact that in our whole Life-expression, we are governed and controlled absolutely by Law! It staggers us at first, and while we can discern the workings of Laws in certain spheres, we are slow to grasp the transcendent fact that in all that concerns us, in our Success or Failure, Plenty or Poverty, Happiness or Unhappiness, and in Health or Disease, all, ALL is governed and determined by Law!”

The Law springs to action the very moment you let a thought enter your mind (Cause), dwell on it and then act it out. As you figure things out in your mind, and so they form and materialize (Effect) accordingly.

The mind possesses an innate power that when unleashed, can alter landscapes and reshape civilizations. The Great Creator Himself recognizes the power of the mind to Cause and bring about a corresponding Effect. When He thwarted the plan of mankind to build the Tower of Babel to a dizzying height, He said: “… they have begun to do this, then NOTHING they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

Applying the Law

Pause for a moment and think why you are planning to put up your own business. What is your purpose, your motive, your goal? What is your dream … your vision?

Ah, yes … VISION. How many of the 6 billion people in the world today have vision?

In the Book of Proverbs, we read: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Have you noticed how this little book of wisdom correlated vision with the law?

If your only motive to go into business is to make money-lots of it, better think again. Money is not the “be all, end all” of life. Space would not allow a lengthier discussion of money in this blog for there is so much to talk about it. But the short story of King Midas (you must be familiar with it) which I have included here would put everything in perspective:

King Midas

King Midas was a very kind man who ruled his kingdom fairly, but he was not one to think very deeply about what he said. One day, while walking in his garden, he saw an elderly satyr asleep in the flowers. Taking pity on the old fellow, King Midas let him go without punishment. When the god Dionysus heard about it, he rewarded King Midas by granting him one wish. The king thought for only a second and then said I wish for everything I touch to turn to gold.” And so it was.

The beautiful flowers in his garden turned toward the sun for light, but when Midas approached and touched them, they stood rigid and gold. The king grew hungry and thin, for each time he tried to eat, he found that his meal had turned to gold. His lovely daughter, at his loving touch, turned hard and fast to gold. His water, his bed, his clothes, his friends, and eventually the whole palace was gold.

King Midas saw that soon his whole kingdom would turn to gold unless he did something right away. He asked Dionysus to turn everything back to the way it had been and take back his golden touch. Because the king was ashamed and very sad, Dionysus took pity on him and granted his request. Instantly, King Midas was poorer than he had been, but richer, he felt, in the things that really count.

The Law of Financial Success

Back to your planned business. The short story of King Midas illustrates how the mind works and how the Law of Cause and Effect functions in relation to a thought.

No one can dispute the fact that money is the primary purpose of a business for why should one go into business if he does not intend for his business to make money?

What I am trying to point out here, though, is how money should be approached since there are two different ways that it can be viewed, viz.:

o Money as an end, and
o Money as a means to an end

Following is how one author describes the two approaches:

“In this approach (money as an end), the idea is that money is what should be pursued. It’s the end objective of effort. In this approach, money can be accumulated and it can be immobilized. And immobilization implies uneven distribution, which means that the money will accumulate heavier for some (the rich) and will be scarce and sparse for others (the poor) as a consequence. This is the case, because in this approach there is a limited supply of money. Therefore, the end objective should be to accumulate as much as possible, as this will supposedly provide for ‘security’ and ‘financial independence.’

“In … (approaching money as a means), the idea is that money is the means towards the end objective of experiencing something, simply for the feelings of excitement and happiness that come with the experience. Money itself is not the end objective, but rather are the things that money can buy. Money is merely the means of exchange in buying or selling goods and/or services that can bring the experience of desire. In this approach, money does not accumulate but circulate.”

What is your personal view of money? Do you look at it as “an end” or the “means to an end”? Now, you relate that view to your planned business. You have to have everything clear at the very outset. That way, your decisions will not be based on what is expedient but what is right.

Would you go into business so you can have tons of money to your name? Do you “feel” the need to accumulate money and have this kept in the bank for “security” and “financial independence”?

There was this story of a retired old man during the Great Depression who, one morning as he scanned the day’s paper, found out a little too late that all of the money he kept in the bank — his lifetime savings — was worth ONLY one round-trip ticket around Berlin. You know what he did? He withdrew all his money, bought a ticket, took a trip around Berlin, went home, locked the door behind him and shot himself to death.

Do not aim for the money as though it is all that matters in the world. Desire instead for the things that money can buy that will make you enjoy life. Somebody said some place, “money is a bad master and a good servant.” Indeed. As the Great Master said: “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

You have a good business idea? Go for it but don’t slave yourself for the money. As one author put it: “No man ever became very wealthy working with his hands alone; this applies to the brain worker also. The only way to obtain much money is to make money work for you.”

There you have it. Let money work for you. Invest your money wisely and make it grow. Money is meant to be circulated not hoarded. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t save. You should, to provide for the “rainy days.” What I am trying to say is: don’t be stingy and greedy at the same time.

Learn from Nature because it is never selfish. It adequately provides for everything that man needs, not just for him to survive but to enjoy life. Each morning you wake up to a fresh supply of everything you need to stay alive: air, water, sunlight and the plants and animals that provide food, clothing and shelter.

Ever noticed how the grass you cut the day before sprouted out new blades to welcome the beautiful morning sun? Those pesky little weeds were pained by your cutting but that didn’t stop them from doing as Natured intended it. They didn’t shrink back, they grew out new leaves.

Those flowers you picked from your garden, did it bother you that they wilted in the evening? No, because you knew that you’d have a fresh replacement – lots of it – on the morrow. When you pruned your fruit trees, did it worry you that they might not bear fruits again? No, because you knew that by cutting the branches, those trees would grow new ones and bear even much more fruit.

So that’s how you should deal with your money. Practice economy but don’t hoard. And as your chest fills to the brim, do something even more worthwhile doing-and achieving-like making a difference in a world gone mad, say.

The world’s richest man, Bill Gates, is no longer involved in the day-to-day operation of Microsoft, the company that he really fought tooth-and-nail to build into the world’s biggest software empire. He is enjoying his life actively leading the fight against malaria with his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He continues to make a difference in the lives of people.

He had his VISION clearly etched in his mind early on and he pursued that vision with dogged tenacity, against all odds. He had Faith in his ability. He had Purpose: “Windows® in every desktop.” He contributed greatly to productivity, continual increase and never-ending advancement of technology. He was efficient in his actions. And he became rich – “filthy rich” as people call it – in the process.

For him to become the very rich man that he is today, do you think he followed Certain Laws and Principles? You bet he did. Money did not just fall on his lap from heaven. Nor did it come with him just sitting all day and wishing that money rain down from the skies or flow into his bank account from the vaults of giant Swiss banks.

Money came to him because he was in complete harmony with the Universal Laws that govern financial success, viz.:

o The Law of Cause and Effect (Opening the Way with a Workable Plan).
o The Law of Action and Reaction (The more you give, the more you receive)
o The Law of Gratitude (Be grateful even for the little things that come your way).
o The Law of Attraction (“As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He”).

And the principles involved:

o Vision. (Definiteness and fixedness of Purpose)
o Faith (Confidence and belief in one’s Ability)
o Efficient Action (“Be The Best of Whatever You Are”)
o Will and Determination (“Never Surrender”).
o Expectancy and Persistency (Only dead fish float downriver)
o Right Mental Attitude (Build your ideals and live in them mentally)

Together, the above laws and principles constitute the Law of Financial Success which governs the accumulation of wealth. To become rich, you have to do things the “Certain Way,” not unlike following mathematical formulas when solving math problems. To illustrate: there’s just no way that you can come up with the answer “1” when your formula is “1 + 1.”

Don’t be fooled when some glib-tongued “guru” tells you that to become rich, you only need to follow the Law of Attraction like it’s shown in the movie, “The Secret.” Said law is just one of the factors that determine success. No amount of desiring, wishing, imagining, visualizing for your planned business will enable you to get what you want if you just roll in bed all day or dream your life away in ‘Never Never Land’ like Peter Pan.

“Yes, You Can”

You have come this far in your reading of this article and I take it to mean that its contents interested, inspired, and motivated you enough to “follow your dream” and “GO FOR THE GOLD.”

I am not foolishly telling you that this writeup is all you need to succeed in your planned home-based business. In fact, I encourage you to devour every reading material on entrepreneurship that you can lay your hands on and adequately equip yourself with the tools needed to realize your dream. I only hope that I am able to impart to you right knowledge and good understanding of the rudiments of home-business and the Universal Laws and Principles that “govern and determine the result of our every act-of the success or failure of our every effort!”

If, at this point, the whole picture of your planned business is already clear in your mind, then don’t hesitate a second. ACT NOW. “Time waits for no man.”

Sweep away from your consciousness all thoughts that may be causing you to doubt your ability and capability to follow through your plan till you see yourself vacationing in the Bahamas not the least worried about your business because it continues to pile up cash for you, 24/7, on autopilot.

For as long as you are in harmony with the Law of Financial Success as discussed in this article and not remiss in what is expected of you, especially in the infancy of your “baby,” then things should go well with you and your home-based business. “Just do it.”

“YES, YOU CAN.” Powerful words that U.S. President Barack Obama used to inspire and move throngs to elect him to the most powerful office in the world. You can say the same to yourself, “YES, I CAN.”

In closing, I leave you the following verse quoted from Napoleon Hill’s book,Think and Grow Rich.

“If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t
If you like to win, but you think you can’t,
It is almost certain you won’t.

“If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will-
It’s all in the state of mind.

“If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

“Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!”

Failure by Design: How the PE Teacher Can Foil the Plans of Big Business and Government!

As a Physical Educator, are you essentially a spectator to your school’s annual standardized testing process? Do you take the view that, as a dedicated professional who only works in the gym, there is very little impact you can have on this process? During test week, are you handing out #2 pencils and serving as a hall monitor because your principal can’t think of what else to do with you? Have you ever wondered what the real agenda of these tests is? The purpose of this article is twofold: 1) To provide a small peak at the real, but unspoken, reason for all of this testing, and 2) To assert enthusiastically, and with documented scientific support, that physical educators can make a significant difference in their school’s test results. In fact, what you can bring to the table in this matter can be your school’s secret weapon in the “testing wars”.

First, a little bit of testing’s unspoken agenda… It relates historically to what Lincoln referred to as the “Mudsill Theory.” (Sen. James Henry Hammond, South Carolina, speech to the United States Senate, March 4, 1858) You can look it up on the internet. It’s not a conspiracy, so all of you reverse- alarmists who want to label the few remaining divergent thoughts left in the current zeitgeist as the work of Conspiracy Theorists, take a deep breath. Basically, the theory, first named by Lincoln who rightly opposed it, asserts that Society cannot move forward unless it can rest on a foundation or “footer” (known as a “mudsill” in early times) made up of a happy, uncreative, unquestioning, and dumbed-down work force willing to do the menial tasks like clean the bathroom of your luxury hotel, wash your car, or cut your grass. Slavery in the South and Immigrants in the Northeast solved that problem in the 1850’s with the northern form of “slavery” later being company towns. Chinese immigrants later took care of building the railroads in the West. Children worked in coal mines in the Pennsylvania Hills along with fathers for 65-70 hours per week for a few cents per hour- usually the money was company script so a family could not save it to use it in a better place-none of these people cost a lot for the big business. Benefits were non-existent, and they appear headed in that direction again. Today, the big guys are worried about an unskilled worker shortage. They reason that either the schools or immigration (legal or otherwise) must provide the human capital. Human Capital- That’s how the Business Roundtable refers to your children.

The thinking of the powers-that-be goes something like this: Without this sufficiently dumbed-down workforce, everything grinds to a halt. Gridlock. We’re cooked- so their thinking goes. What must be done then, they reason, is to insure that there will always be this happy, sufficiently dumbed-down, work force. John Taylor Gatto, hero of the Home-School movement and author of the amazing book The Underground History of American Education (The Oxford Village Press, NY) speaks in detail about the theory. There are two choices in achieving the goal: 1) Increase the amount of illegal and undocumented workers and pretend to whine about it as we build 650 mile long fences- never on our Northern border, of course, or create our own, homegrown, sufficiently dumbed-down masses. Recently, you have all seen the effects of unchecked illegal immigration and the gnashing of teeth and make-believe moral indignation that spring from it. What you may not have realized is that the other, more effective, homegrown approach has been yielding impressive results. How does it work? It begins with an admission of the dirty little secret that public education has fouled up the works by doing too good of a job collectively raising the aspirations of young people across the broad spectrum of ethnicity and diversity that has made this country great. Every parent wants their kid to go to college, and, the business elite presume, “too damn many kids think they can get there”. Ask yourself, has there been any effort by government that you can recall in recent years to make college more affordable and accessible to young people? If anything, their efforts have been to make college less accessible and affordable. Read how the business elite tried to subvert the impressive (91%) High School graduation rate in Minnesota in the late 80’s by creating a process whereby all students would attend school K-10. Only about 20% of the students would be allowed to move on through 12th grade and go on to college. Those leaving at the end of 10th grade with a certificate could be guaranteed a job at places like 3-M and Con Agra, for example. These companies would then be virtually guaranteed a not-too-well educated workforce, happy to have a job at the plant. We don’t make this stuff up- facts are pesky things, and just because Wolf Blitzer does not talk about it at night, does not mean that the plan is not in operation to increase the menial- task workforce.

So, the politicians and big business, using the new codeword- COMPETITIVE- need to create this workforce that is happy to do the low-paying jobs- happy like your grandfather was to have a job during the depression. How? By testing the daylights out of the kids from the time they are in kindergarten with tests longer than the bar exam, and in the time remaining, spend it preparing for the tests which have as their best predictor, one’s zip code. If the program works as planned, there will be a record number of dropouts by the time kids reach about ninth and tenth grade. Students will have lowered their aspirations without being told to do so. Kids will have intuitively arrived at the conclusion that, “I wasn’t that smart anyway because I can’t do well on those tests” – the ones that made Mayor Bloomberg a hero for making 15,000+ kids have to repeat 3rd grade- “and besides, we don’t even have Phys. Ed. (Remember the childhood obesity concerns?), Music, or Art anymore because all we do is prepare for the test… I quit, goodbye.” Watch media talking heads complain about government’s lack of concern about illegal immigration, and watch the talking head du jour on CNN or MSNBC cry big wet crocodile tears about the highest dropout rate- ever- every night. Here’s the real truth, and it’s not a conspiracy…when you hear that the dropout rate has never been higher, know the goal of creating our own happy, contented, and uncreative workforce is succeeding. The tests are merely tools to sort and classify your kids. Get them to a private school or home school them while you have the chance- they don’t have to take the standardized tests in those settings. You don’t really think that the Business Roundtable Gurus would bring all the 50 cents an hour jobs back from the Far East and Latin America if kids suddenly started doing well in the tests, do you? Remember that the corporations know no national boundaries. So when you hear the word “Competitive”, you must ask “With whom?”, and “About what?” Is GM USA going to be competing with GM Europe and GM Far East? It is certainly not a contest between countries like the Olympics.

Of course, maybe you are like us- those who dare in these perilous times in dark places where no one is watching- like Nicodemus coming to Jesus- to actually have a divergent thought or two. Here’s a novel thought…Let’s try to raise those test scores a bit without spending all of our school time preparing for the tests. It has been proven scientifically that the Physical Education activity that your superintendents and principals have been deleting in order to prepare for the tests with expensive test prep materials is just what kids need for a variety of reasons- not the least of which is the improvement in cognition- a fancy word us educators use to impress people. It really means improving a child’s ability to think and concentrate better through regular physical activity as opposed to spending more seat time practicing for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”- type multiple choice tests. There is much scientific support to show that a regular program of vigorous physical activity enhances overall skill performance in arithmetic, reading, memorization, and categorization. It has had brilliant results with senior citizens and children. A recent study from Canada created two groups of elementary students. One group spent an hour per day with moderate physical activity while the other group did test preparation activities during that time. At the end of the year, the group with the extra physical activity outperformed the other group in all academic measures. Additionally, Fishburne and Boras, assert that along with improvements in discipline and self concept, academic performance is enhanced by regular physical activity. Brain expert Simon Evans adds that physical activity actually turns on hormonal support systems in your brain. The activation of these systems strengthens brain circuits that you already have and helps you develop new ones. Further, continues Evans, exercise increases the blood supply in the brain. In laboratory studies, exercise increased the number of blood vessels that supply several brain regions. The effect of exercise then, improves nutrient delivery and waste removal from critical regions that affect mental function. Making a more technical point, Evans adds that an important brain area producing new neurons is the hippocampus- no, its not something you once saw at the zoo. The hippocampus plays a critical role in learning, memory, and attention- one reason why more parents are choosing exercise for their ADHD burdened child over Ritalin. Exercise, then, induces new neuron growth in the hippocampus and improves performance on several types of cognitive tasks. Besides, physical activity is a lot more fun for kids than keeping their ever-growing posteriors in the seat doing more practice testing. Download Dr. Mahar’s “ENERGIZERS” from the web or send for your attractive, yet inexpensive, laminated classroom copy. These involve a variety of organized activities which the children do twice a day for a short period of time, mostly physical in nature the activities combine a mental component and are done completely in the classroom led by the classroom teacher. There has been much research done to show that people concentrate better following a break- thus if there are more breaks, there are more periods where one’s concentration is at its highest. Combining the positive effects of physical activity into the preparation for testing will improve student performance in the testing to a greater degree than the endless “drill and kill” seatwork kids are required to do. Hillman’s work on the positive effects of physical activity on cognition in young people- and not just Alzheimer’s patients at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign can also add further support to your argument that physical activity improves standardized test scores. Talk to your school principals and superintendents. Most of these unhappy individuals whose job evaluations sometimes unfairly hang in the balance based on these test scores only can think of more “drill and kill”, more rubrics, more softwear, more charts, graphs and item analyses, more “Death by PowerPoint”, and more consultants all with the goal to keep kids in their seats beating the information into their heads. Of course, that means we have no time for “unimportant” things like Physical Education, Music, and Art- all of which have been shown to augment cognition in their own particular way. Although these tests are really just a means of sorting your kids, unhappily, we are stuck with them. The test Nazis have taken over- they even stole recess when we weren’t paying attention. Let’s help our kids stay fit at least- physically and mentally. Let’s fight to lower the incidence of school phobia, and we can even ultimately impact the high dropout rate. Mc Mahon demonstrated that aerobic exercise reduced anxiety, tension, and depression in adolescents. In addition, we can attack the problem of childhood obesity while improving those test scores. The powers-that-be won’t necessarily be happy about those higher scores though! They’ve already sent the good jobs to the Far East. The first rule of Marketing, friends, is to Create Consumer Awareness- so get out of your gym, tell all of the faculty, show them the research, get to the school board meetings, call the newspaper- stir the pot! Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world!” A few patriots moved the world once and created the United States. Be a revolutionary and don’t be afraid to irk a few people in the process. Read Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People about someone who said what people knew but did not want to hear about diseases in the community or better yet, get out your Aesop’s Fables and read The Emperor’s New Clothes– then be like the little kid from the story who says what is really going on-It’s our kids who will benefit. Don’t expect to be loved though!

Starting a New Business? – Learn About Licenses and Government Tax Filing Applications

Every year more and more people decide to open up a business. If you are considering opening a business, then you should follow these steps to make your business legal.

If you are starting a new business, then your first step should be to get all pertinent licenses, permits and registration needed to operate it. You should first determine your legal structure of the business and consider things such as your financials, taxes and legal situation.

Your legal structure should depend on the likelihood of lawsuits, your control. If you are confused about how you want your legal structure to be organized, then you may want to peruse the web or call the 800 number because they can help you.

You also have to figure out what name you plan on registering you business under. You can use a Doing Business As, Assumed Name or Fictitious Name as a way of describing your name. The legal name should be the person who owns the business and if you plan to be the only owner, then you should put your full legal name.

If you are considering limited liability corporations, then you should use the name register with the government in your state. You need your legal name is need for forms and applications, licenses and permits but if you want to open a shop then you can file it under another name that has been cleared with the government in your state.

You will next need to get a Federal Tax ID from the Internal Revenue Service Department and you will also need to get IDs from your state agency that collects revenue. If you plan on selling something, you should get a Sales Tax permit from your local government as well. Wondering how to go about it? You just need to look at your state website to see how to apply for the sales tax ID.

Remember that for most businesses, you should get a license or a permit so that you can operate legally. You may need a general trade license or another type if you are trying to work in a particular industry.

You can go onto your state website or your federal website for more information if you are confused.

There are many people who are starting their own business. 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